They knew the song!!

Three weeks of continuous touring. Being a part of a the Break Free Tour with Live Jam 2013 across three cities has been a lovely experience. Event after event, school after school, high energy levels, young students yelling their guts out, it has been fun. Particularly amazing was the moment when we sang the song ‘Pyaar Toh Andha Hai (Love is Blind)’. I couldn’t believe my eyes! These students overtook me straight into the first verse. Guess what? They already knew the song. Apparently, the song had gotten viral after one of the Christian boys showed the youtube lyric video to his friends in class. I was amazed to catch this school known for all the notorious reasons suddenly break into unison over this song. I am reminded that this is the same song that raised many eyebrows in churches for the kind of expression and content. Made my day to see so many youngsters sing about the Real True Love. Catch a glimpse of it here..