The making of the Nachoonga album

The Nachoonga album is an initiative to translate some of the most famous worship songs sung across churches in India into Hindi. So songs which blessed the English congregation could now be a blessing to the Hindi speaking churches too.Nachoonga release with the SB Band on 11th June 2013

The challenge for me in this project was to retain the true meaning & depth of theology in the songs while I make the songs singable.It was about striking a balance between the richness of the original content & using not very heavy vocabulary.

Since its launch on 11th June, 2013, Nachoonga has been the best seller every month. I’ve received reviews from fans every where I’ve toured & through social media who say in common that the songs sound so much more beautiful than the original!

I’ve seen God’s grace and favour throughout the entire Nachoonga project. Thanks to Vijay Belola who helped me with the translations and specially my wife Anita for being a huge support & a critique too.

We wanna see Nachoonga hit the main stream and be a blessing to many more! Enjoy listening to the song and please hit like & share.Continue to watch this space, Nachoonga music video coming soon…