The Sheldon Bangera Band is a team of worship musicians but more so, a family of Christ’s disciples living to bring hope, love and encouragement to the lost through the medium of music, mentoring & mission work. From balancing between day shift jobs, student life, music lessons, engineering careers on one hand and serving humanity on the other for the last 11 years, we thank God for his hand upon us, amazing grace, favour with people and opportunities to serve – from overseas to the remotest parts of India. Yet, the mission is huge, many are yet to experience God’s loving touch and we need to be sent to darker parts as the light.

Our resources are limited but we are led by an Unlimited God who speaks into the hearts of people like you to join us in our mission. As more friends join us, together we are able to make lasting and eternal impact. Giving towards God’s work is never because we have to, it is because we love to!

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