New Album is finally out

Raaja Hai Mahaan, Sheldon Bangera’s latest album is finally out and in stores.

RHM_ (87 of 142)

After bringing countless smiles to the young and old across India and overseas through the Nachoonga album, Mumbai based worship leader and song writer Sheldon Bangera and his band have brought yet another surprise to the charts with their new release entitled ‘Raaja Hai Mahaan’. Comprising of 12 original tracks with a blend of Indo-western fusion and usuage of instruments like the sarod, flute, dholak, tablas, harmoniums besides the conventional band setup, this album is already having the western world appreciative of Indian worship styles and sounds. With nine hindi and three english songs that are deep both in content and experience, this album should stir your soul and take you into deeper realms of experiencing God in a fresh way.