Nachoonga Video on its way!!

This is probably one song that became an anthem even before the album was in stores. We were recently touring Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh (North India) and an elderly lady came up to me after my time of ministry at one of the churches claiming that her son had translated the same song ‘Undignified’ in the literal but it somehow did not carry the same undignified passion. She smiled to tell about how this version of ‘Undignified’ carried much more of the local undignified dance feel factor. She went on to tell about how the church was in love with this song and how people of every age group would break into a dance every time they took this song for worship. Indeed one of the challenges in song translation is to translate the feel of the song, not just the words and theology.
Friends, we are up for a Nachoonga Video very soon. There are some crazy ideas. Do you have any ideas or thoughts? What would you like to see in a Nachoonga Video? Please share your comments below..