Exuberant youths of the Heavenly Feasts Church at Kottayam

Proactive is not the word for the youths of the Heavenly Feasts Church. I mean it when I say this! We were to visit Cochin down South India for leading in praise & worship at a wedding with a small line up of Jasper our Keyboardist, my wife Anita and me. To make the best use of us being there, the Heavenly Feasts Church at Kottayam pastored by Dr. Matthew Kuruvilla ( Tangu Brother) geared up the youths to put up a youth meeting in just 3 days time.

I’ve never seen any organizer in my entire 10 years of ministry experience put up an event in just 3 days gathering around 2500 youths by putting up ads in newspapers, booking an auditorium which was packed to more than its capacity & arrangement for the band. And even more amazing was the response by the youths there to the word that I shared along with my testimony and the 45 mins set of high energy praise & worship. They were hungry to hear more from the word. It is so amazing to worship with God’s people and proclaiming that Jesus is Lord over all. The most famous song there was Pyaar Toh Andha Hai. We ran out of stock at the stall for this song.

Indeed, the SB band looks forward to worship with you Heavenly Feasts Church!