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Taking Indian worship to the nations

Sheldon Recently did an interview with sharing his heart and global vision.RHM_ (135 of 142)
The new project Raaja Hai Mahaan has put Indian worship music on the global map and brought in a fresh blend of culture and ethnicity to western worship. This is a treat for the global church and is a must listen. Read the complete interview here


Heart to Heart

‘Heart to Heart’ a gospel concert held on 1st March 2014 at Bunts Auditorium, Juinagar, Navi Mumbai was organised by Good Shepherd Church. The concert’s underlying message was that the love of God is greater than any other love and to reiterate this message through their songs and exuberant performances we had bands like Testify, By Grace and the headlining band ‘The Sheldon Bangera Band.

The Sheldon Bangera Band

The Sheldon Bangera Band

There were skits performed which carried the theme of God’s love for us despite our weaknesses and also a startling performance by a 6 year old drummer Nathan Nainan whose performance was simply adorable.
After the high energy praise set by the other band, The Sheldon Bangera Band lead in a time of worship magnifying the love of God by opening with the hymn Amazing grace, followed by their original worship song ‘Our God is good’ and concluded their performance with the all-time hit ‘Nachoonga’ where both Sheldon Bangera and Lenny Soares from By Grace band shared the stage singing the song together.
Jacqueline Vincent, Vice President of Good Shepherd Church Youth Council and Event youth co-ordinator who has been majorly instrumental in this event said, “I would like to Praise God for being with us and enabling us to pull this event off successfully.”
This was an awesome initiative by the Catholic Church to organize an event like this to just come in unity and worship Jesus in one voice, irrespective of different denominational backgrounds. We look forward to do much more with the Good Shepherd Church.

The Redemption concert on World AIDS Day

486654_10151842505008299_172000896_n“Many people think that when they are diagnosed with AIDS, its the end of the world but when you turn to Jesus, God can make it the beginning of new life”, says John Forbes (USA) who testifies about this life changing power of Jesus Christ as he shared about his struggle with homosexuality and his battle with AIDS on World AIDS Day on 1st December, 2013; A JAAGO event in association with Jeevan Sahara Kendra (JSK).

We, The Sheldon Bangera Band ministered at the UBM church, Thane through our original songs like Samarth hai & Chillkar Gaoonga proclaiming this freedom & redemption in Jesus Christ. Every face in the congregation looked to Jesus & exalted him as the songs like ‘our God is good’ ministered to each one personally.

A couple of other HIV patients also testified their experiences of how Jesus met them and turned their life around. Many an infected parent testified about the miraculous power of God saying,”Thanks be to God that our children are not HIV infected!” Andi Eicher & his wife Dr.Sheba helped set up JSK. It is a team of people with a heart to reach out to people with HIV/AIDS and their families by providing counselling, medical facilities and palliative care.

Truly, only Jesus can transform an alcoholic, drug addict & a soul sunken into homosexual sins like John Forbes and use him to minister among AIDS patients. His life today is greatly impactful and he works among South African regions proclaiming the hope that never fails in Jesus Christ. It has been a privilege for us as a band to stand in the gap and represent the love of God to the HIV/AIDS infected patience on World AIDS Day along with JSK through our music & worship.



Respect Women Concert – Bhopal, M.P

Bhopal took an impressive initiative to bring about awareness on Respect Women Concertrespecting women on account of the recent rapes & molestation cases occurring across the country. Local gospel bands like Celestial Seven and G-Sus band from Bhopal opened the event and skits were performed with a strong message of respecting women in our society. Each act that evening carried the message of this social cause of the importance of women and drawing people’s attention to the grave issues against women in the recent past.

The Sheldon Bangera Band had the privilege to headline the concert where Sheldon shared his testimony and brought out the message of the evening. The SB Band songs  along with its most famous number Nachoonga rocked the evening! The auditorium had a packed audience of all groups of ages and also attended the concert was a host of sisters from the catholic church who thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the concert!

The event was dedicated to women’s safety and was held to create awareness about violence against women.It is an opportunity for us as a band to not only address social issues to a large sect of secular masses but also to share the message of hope & redemption that’s found in Jesus alone through our music, songs & testimonies.

Break Free Tour 2013 Hyderabad Finale

The Break Free Tour Finale 2013 at Hyderabad at Wesely Degree College groundsBreak Free Tour Final, Hyderabad echoed with local & national bands covering genres like rock, metal, pop rock & gospel music along with a talent hunt for kids & teens. It was an evening of celebrating the message of living a break free life from things that suppress them & also breaking free from addictions like alcohol, pornography, smoking, use of abusive language, suicidal tendencies, depression etc.

The Guest of Honor, Dr Jayasudha Kapoor, MLA of Secunderabad graced the evening and encouraged the kids of the hope that is found in Jesus for living a break free life.

The Sheldon Bangera Band was the headlining band at the finale to sum up the Break Free Tour 2013 at Hyderabad. The boisterous gathering of nearly 1500 youth sang & danced in one unanimous voice at the Nachoonga song where volunteers of the local church organizing team along with Bonny Adrews, CEO of Live Jam came up on stage and freaked out with the band! Superb spirit Hyderabad, the SB Band looks forward to visit your city again…

First Indian artist with Integrity

Sheldon Bangera is the first Indian artist signed up with Integrity Music,Sheldon-Bangera a David C Cook company, where Indian songs would now be represented on a global platform. Nachoonga is his first project with Integrity of translating some of the most famous worship songs sung across churches in India into Hindi.

Sheldon narrates some of his childhood memories saying that his mother would play Don Moen’s cassettes in the car on their way to church and how he once had a desire to have an album of his own as he stared at the cassette. Little did he know, that Integrity would sign up with him today to write songs that would bless the nations.

Read more about Sheldon Bangera on
If you haven’t bought your copy yet, you can order your copy now on…

The making of the Nachoonga album

The Nachoonga album is an initiative to translate some of the most famous worship songs sung across churches in India into Hindi. So songs which blessed the English congregation could now be a blessing to the Hindi speaking churches too.Nachoonga release with the SB Band on 11th June 2013

The challenge for me in this project was to retain the true meaning & depth of theology in the songs while I make the songs singable.It was about striking a balance between the richness of the original content & using not very heavy vocabulary.

Since its launch on 11th June, 2013, Nachoonga has been the best seller every month. I’ve received reviews from fans every where I’ve toured & through social media who say in common that the songs sound so much more beautiful than the original!

I’ve seen God’s grace and favour throughout the entire Nachoonga project. Thanks to Vijay Belola who helped me with the translations and specially my wife Anita for being a huge support & a critique too.

We wanna see Nachoonga hit the main stream and be a blessing to many more! Enjoy listening to the song and please hit like & share.Continue to watch this space, Nachoonga music video coming soon…

They knew the song!!

Three weeks of continuous touring. Being a part of a the Break Free Tour with Live Jam 2013 across three cities has been a lovely experience. Event after event, school after school, high energy levels, young students yelling their guts out, it has been fun. Particularly amazing was the moment when we sang the song ‘Pyaar Toh Andha Hai (Love is Blind)’. I couldn’t believe my eyes! These students overtook me straight into the first verse. Guess what? They already knew the song. Apparently, the song had gotten viral after one of the Christian boys showed the youtube lyric video to his friends in class. I was amazed to catch this school known for all the notorious reasons suddenly break into unison over this song. I am reminded that this is the same song that raised many eyebrows in churches for the kind of expression and content. Made my day to see so many youngsters sing about the Real True Love. Catch a glimpse of it here..

Exuberant youths of the Heavenly Feasts Church at Kottayam

Proactive is not the word for the youths of the Heavenly Feasts Church. I mean it when I say this! We were to visit Cochin down South India for leading in praise & worship at a wedding with a small line up of Jasper our Keyboardist, my wife Anita and me. To make the best use of us being there, the Heavenly Feasts Church at Kottayam pastored by Dr. Matthew Kuruvilla ( Tangu Brother) geared up the youths to put up a youth meeting in just 3 days time.

I’ve never seen any organizer in my entire 10 years of ministry experience put up an event in just 3 days gathering around 2500 youths by putting up ads in newspapers, booking an auditorium which was packed to more than its capacity & arrangement for the band. And even more amazing was the response by the youths there to the word that I shared along with my testimony and the 45 mins set of high energy praise & worship. They were hungry to hear more from the word. It is so amazing to worship with God’s people and proclaiming that Jesus is Lord over all. The most famous song there was Pyaar Toh Andha Hai. We ran out of stock at the stall for this song.

Indeed, the SB band looks forward to worship with you Heavenly Feasts Church!