The Redemption concert on World AIDS Day

486654_10151842505008299_172000896_n“Many people think that when they are diagnosed with AIDS, its the end of the world but when you turn to Jesus, God can make it the beginning of new life”, says John Forbes (USA) who testifies about this life changing power of Jesus Christ as he shared about his struggle with homosexuality and his battle with AIDS on World AIDS Day on 1st December, 2013; A JAAGO event in association with Jeevan Sahara Kendra (JSK).

We, The Sheldon Bangera Band ministered at the UBM church, Thane through our original songs like Samarth hai & Chillkar Gaoonga proclaiming this freedom & redemption in Jesus Christ. Every face in the congregation looked to Jesus & exalted him as the songs like ‘our God is good’ ministered to each one personally.

A couple of other HIV patients also testified their experiences of how Jesus met them and turned their life around. Many an infected parent testified about the miraculous power of God saying,”Thanks be to God that our children are not HIV infected!” Andi Eicher & his wife Dr.Sheba helped set up JSK. It is a team of people with a heart to reach out to people with HIV/AIDS and their families by providing counselling, medical facilities and palliative care.

Truly, only Jesus can transform an alcoholic, drug addict & a soul sunken into homosexual sins like John Forbes and use him to minister among AIDS patients. His life today is greatly impactful and he works among South African regions proclaiming the hope that never fails in Jesus Christ. It has been a privilege for us as a band to stand in the gap and represent the love of God to the HIV/AIDS infected patience on World AIDS Day along with JSK through our music & worship.